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We made the costly, lengthy, and complex processes of forming a company in Portugal ?? intuitive and streamlined.

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Your Questions

Owning a registered company in the EU adds to the credibility of your business, comforts your customers, and protects you from liability.

1. What is the Portuguese Taxpayer ID?

The Portuguese Taxpayer ID – NIF identifies individuals with the Tax and Customs Authority (AT). It is exclusively intended for the processing of information of a fiscal and customs nature. The NIF is automatically generated, unique, and composed of nine digits.

2. Why is it Necessary to Have a Portuguese Taxpayer ID?

The NIF is indispensable to conclude a lease contract, contract the services of water, electricity, telephone, gas, etc., for the purchase of a property, and most importantly to open a Company in Portugal and apply for a Residence Permit.

3. What are the Requirements to Obtain a Portuguese Taxpayer ID?

Anyone can obtain the NIF including foreigners not living in Portugal. To do so, you will have to provide the competent authorities with a Passport Copy, a Proof of Address, and have a Portuguese Fiscal Representative if you reside outside of the European Union.

4. What are the Different Company Types in Portugal?

The Incorporate Startup package allows you to incorporate a limited liability company with individuals as shareholders. There are several other types of legal structures available in Portugal that you may want to consider such as Subsidiary, Branch, etc. They are part of the Incorporate Enterprise service bundle.

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